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Europe is the cosmetic market with the highest regulatory requirements in the world. Ensuring full compliance and comply with the level of requirements of European authorities is crucial to avoid problems during the inspection of your products.

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& Manufecturing

We help customers worldwide to ensure the best manufacturing levels for their products.

Manufacture procurement and management

Pharmilab offers you a procurement and management manufacture service according to your needs.


GMP compliance is mandatory in order to manufacture cosmetic products. We have the experience and knowledge to help you.


Even with GMP in place, monitoring the system is indispensable. We audit the system to prevent problems.




For 9 years taking care of regulatory processes and carrying out laboratory tests for hundreds of customers, Pharmilab has acquired a very high level of experience in cosmetics, thus ensuring excellent work for its customers, focused on detail and accuracy.

Formulations´ review

In Europe there are several forbidden ingredients as well as others that can only be used under certain conditions.

Label and claim review

The label of cosmetic products follow specific legislation in terms of mandatory information and claims.

Product Information File

The Product Information File is a key element needed to put your cosmetic products on the European market.

Cosmetic Product Safety Report

The Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is the main part of the Product Information Sheet (PIF), in which an authorized safety assessor assesses the safety of the product before it can be placed on the market.

CPNP (EU) / SCPN (UK) notification

To put a cosmetic product on the EU market, it needs to be notified in the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal, as well as in the Submit Cosmetic Product Notifications portal for UK market.

EU / UK Responsible Person

The registration of products on the European market and in the UK market need to be done on behalf of a company with an address in Europe or in the UK respectively, so that it has a technical contact point with the authorities and Pharmilab guarantees this role.




With its own laboratories, Pharmilab offers various laboratory tests that enable customers to guarantee the quality of its products to the highest standards.


Microbiological control is an essential point in the quality control of the finished product and your raw materials.

Challenge Test

The challenge test of cosmetics is mandatory to prove the effectiveness against microbiological contamination

Stability and compatibility test

As important as entering the market is staying inside it and grow. For that, monitoring trends and competition is the key.

Safety tests

Ensuring the safety of a product must be the first of all the concerns of a cosmetic brand.

Efficacy tests

Proof of the effectiveness of your products is essential to support your claims.

Performance tests

Evaluate the performance of your product and compare it to some benchmarks with specific test protocols for each type of product.