Europe is still the biggest global cosmetics market

With more than 77,5 billion euros in 2017, the European cosmetics market increased from 2016, according to cosmetics Europe.

The size, in billions of euros, that the cosmetics market represented in different locations around the world in 2017
Size, in billions of euros, of the biggest cosmetics markets in 2017

According to the most recent data from 2017, Europe is still the biggest cosmetic market, ahead of United States (67.2 billion), China (43.4 billion), Japan (29,9 billion) and Brazil (25,4 billion), with German (13.6 billion), France (11.3 billion) and UK (11.1 billion), representing the top three markets inside the EU.

Regarding the most relevant categories, personal care leads the European market with more than 20.5 billion, followed by hygiene products (19.84 billion), hair care products (11.93 billion) and makeup (11.17 billion).