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Related Services

Pharmilab offers an extensive list of services to help your business in different crucial areas to the success of your cosmetic brand, that goes from the manufacturing to marketing,

Product Development


Pharmilab creates the product formulation based on requirements, regulations, costs and chemical properties. 


We are experts in design for cosmetic brands all over the world.


Pharmilab will not only find the best solution to produce your product but also monitor all the process to ensure quality and deadlines.

Quality, Compliance & Protect

Laboratory tests 

Pharmilab cover all the tests you may need to comply with legislation and to ensure your product quality.

Regulatory compliance

Not only in Europe, but also in many other international markets we do everything, so you can concentrate in selling your products.

Trademark registration

Just tell us the market where you want to register and take care of everything to protect your brand.

Go to Market

European Warehouse

We know how important is the stock proximity to promptly respond to customers, so you can have that in a simple and effective way now.

European Logistics

You name it and we take care of your cargo immediatly.

Distributors search

We have the right tools to help you expand your European distribution.

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